National Locums Intranet

This client was referred to me by another client of mine who had been happy with work I had completed on a past project. This particular client was a developer in a previous life, but had since started a successfull recruitment agency for doctors, nurses and locums.

The client was responsible for sourcing and placing doctors, nurses and locums into vacant positions in hospitals. Internally they used the Eclipse recruitment system to manage vacancies, candidates, timesheets and invoices. Sadly the Eclipse software was limited in terms of the data they could export from it, with all exports being in CSV format and not any meaningful easy to understand format.

The client was very specific in what they wanted, but left me free to work designing the application the best way I saw fit.

The final result was excellent, and resulted in a very satisfied client. The application included the following;

  • It integrated with the Eclipse database to run it's own reports on their data and display these reports within varying formats in the intranet application.
  • Large screen reports which are now displayed on 60" TVs throughout the client offices. These reports give staff live data on performance and targets, helping to push each member of staff and create a competitive and efficient environment. 
  • Administrators can create pages, upload content, upload documents and staff can easily access these.
  • A calendar allows administrator to create events and staff can easily view events by year, month and day.
  • Recruitement agencies are required to submit quarterly reports to HMRC, this had previously took a member of staff a full week to complete. The intranet application now handles most of the creation of this report, reducing the time taken to hours rather than days.
  • Each user has a profile picture uploaded against their account. When they place a candidate into a vacancy, their picture appears in a 'latest deal' section on the large screen reports.

The intranet application has recently been exanded to add a number of new featured;

  • Pickup emails in an inbox, and parse them to pull out data relating to job vacancies and make them available for viewing in the intranet. Staff can now see a clearly defined list of available vacancies that need filling.
  • Lead manage has been added, which collects data from various enquiry forms on the clients website, and converts these into leads within the intranet. Manager can assign leads to consultants, and consultants are able to manage and add notes to their own leads.

You can click the thumbnails to the right to see what the application looks like, however for privacy reasons I've had to remove any sensitive data.


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