It’s fact that an individual can’t be good at everything, and the list of skills required for digital marketing agencies to succeed is gradually getting longer. Many agencies can be put off at the thought of outsourcing their web development, but with all the benefits I’ll discuss in this article, should they be?

Outsourcing is all about collaboration, getting the best person for the job. When a marketing agency provides a service to its clients, it’s vital that it delegates tasks to the right person. These days, a successful digital marketing agency requires marketing experts, print and web designers, copywriters, SEO experts and programmers. On top of that they may employ project and account managers to help keep projects on track and clients up to date. It’s clear that it’s almost impossible for one, or even two people to specialise in all of those areas.

The solution to the problem is to employ people with the necessary skill in order to build an agency that has everything required under one roof. The problem with that solution? Cost! It’s said that for every person a business employs, the real cost to the business is around 2-3 times their salary. A designer on £18k a year costs the company in the region of £32-50k a year. If an agency employs 4 people, that’s staff overheads of £120k a year, and that’s a hell of a lot of money for a small agency, or an agency that’s just starting out. This is where web development outsourcing comes in.

Generally, when you outsource work, hourly costs are higher than if you were to employ someone. The reason for this is that the outsourcing company takes on the risk of employing staff, and that 2-3 times salary thing we talked about earlier now applies to them instead of you. The biggest advantage here is that you’re no longer responsible for holiday entitlement, sick pay, or laying staff off when times are hard. 

Outsourcing companies can usually cope with demand too, meaning you don’t have to worry when you’ve got a lot of work on, and the same applies when you don’t have much work on. If there’s no work, you don’t pay for outsourcing. Web development outsourcing companies generally employ multiple developers, and can quickly expand and contract to cope with demand. Something which would be difficult for a marketing agency to do unless they employed multiple developers, but that’s an even bigger risk.

When you outsource your web development work, you can usually benefit from the vital skills and knowledge the outsourcing company has accrued over the years. The developers work with multiple clients, both large and small, and things they learn while working on a project for one client, can be passed over to another. This situation also means there’s a lot of help and advice you can tap into. You can brainstorm ideas back and forth between your developer and hone in on features that’ll make a huge difference to your clients websites. Chances are, they’ll even suggest things you’d of never of thought of. Also remember that these developers are experts in web development, and they know all about current technologies, how best to use them and how well they’re supported in the various web browsers currently available.

Occasionally, web development outsourcing companies will offer to assist you in improving your websites, especially if you’re a valued client. The idea is that by helping your agency, you’ll get more work, which in turn means they’ll get more work and everybody wins.

It’s smaller agencies that can benefit the most from web development outsourcing. They can instantly start offering their clients high quality web design and development services, with no up-front costs, and very little risks.

If you think your agency could benefit from outsourcing it’s web development, then get in touch.


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