Content Management Systems

Experienced web developer who designs and develops bespoke content management systems.

In my early days of being a self-employed web developer I would use content management systems such as Wordpress and Joomla. As my client base began to increase and demand for more complex functionality ensued, I started development of my own content management system.

My first attempt at building a content management system was around 2005/6, its features were basic, but provided me with a stable base to use to build upon when clients requested very specific functionality. Initially I developed my CMS in PHP, but later I had a short lived experience with ASP.NET, but after some time I reverted back to PHP as my clients were unhappy with .NET hosting costs which were not as cheap back in those early days.

I later began working with a number of marketing agencies, providing them with web development services that they didn’t have in-house, and during this time I rebuilt and redeveloped my content management system numerous times, striving for better expandability, better usability and more built in features.

As it stands, the current version of my content management system is version 5, and soon I’m hoping to integrate the CMS into the Laravel framework and release version 6. The CMS is currently only available to my clients, but one day I may make it open source. In the meantime, it provides an excellent base for bespoke admin interfaces and content management systems, and is still used by a number of marketing agencies as their own agency branded content management system. Features in the CMS include;

  • Menu management
  • Page management with WYSIWYG editor
  • Image galleries
  • Form builder
  • Project/case studies
  • Online stores
  • Theme/template manager
  • Visitor statistics
  • Twitter integration
  • Media manager
  • Block/panel management
  • Blog and news articles

The experience I have gathered over the last 13 or so years, building, rebuilding, refining, and improving my own content management system that’s used in production environments, gives me an excellent knowledge of content management systems, how they work, what they should do and how many of the features can be developed and built upon. This allows me to build excellent bespoke solutions for my clients.

Although I have used Worpdress in the past, this isn't a service I offer. If you are looking for a Wordpress developer, sadly this is not something I can help with. It's not that I can't, but I choose not to and concentrate on bespoke solutions.


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