MySQL Datatabases & Design

Web developer with over 13 years experience designing and building applications that utilise database technologies including MySQL and MSSQL.

It’s hard to build a web application without utilising some kind of data store. Right from the early days of developing web applications I’ve worked with database technologies including MySQL an MSSQL. As a PHP and Java developer, much of the time I’m working with MySQL.

Some says designing a database is easy, but they fail to understand the skills and knowledge required to make a database that’s efficient, well structured and easily expanded upon. Thankfully I have many years of experience working on projects of varying complexities, some requiring simple databases structures and queries, while others required more complex database structures with many relationships between tables, and complex queries which generate results from multiple tables while requiring to keep response times to a minimum. Sometimes there’s a fine balance to be met.

Once a databases has been designed and developed, and it’s being used in a production environment, it needs to be regularly backed up, in some cases you may need to implement database replication where an application receives a lot of traffic, knowing how to do this reliably requires experience. I’ve worked on many projects where new functionality needs to be added to an existing product without breaking backwards compatibility with older versions, the experience I have gathered over many years of web development allows me to identify the risks and implement solutions.

I have worked with many tools and services, including but not limited to MySQL command-line tools, MySQL Workbench, Rackspace Cloud and AWS RDS instances with backups and replication.


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